Saturday, 6 April 2013

Egg Wonders

Yesterday the students all came up with a wonder about eggs. Some wondered what would happen to an egg if it sat in pop. Others wondered what would happen to an egg if you coloured on it and then put it in vinegar. After they finished writing down their wonders they wrote down the supplies that they needed in their planners.

Today the students first took a picture of their egg and put it on their blog.

Then they performed their experiments. Some used raw eggs and some used hard boiled eggs. One of the students, with the help of Ms. Thompson, learned how to hard boil an egg. Friday afternoon was crazy, noisy and exciting. The students were all having a great time creating science experiments. One decided to add baking soda to vinegar which was then tried by most of the students. A couple of students cracked the eggs into bowls and examined the inside of the eggs.

By the end of the day the classroom smelled like vinegar and egg. Some students are leaving the eggs in the vinegar, pop mixture to see what will happen to their eggs.

What will happen to the egg if you put it in pepsi?

What will happen to the egg when you put it in vinegar and coke?

What do three cracked eggs look like?  

Adding vinegar, pop and water  to the cracked eggs.

Can we colour on eggs without breaking them?

Eggs in vinegar and baking soda.

What does the inside of an egg look like?

What will happen if I add baking soda to pop?

Baking soda, pop, egg and vinegar.

What will happen to my eggs if the sit in pop for a week?

What will happen to our eggs if they sit in vinegar, pop and baking soda?  Will they look different on Monday?

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