Saturday, 29 September 2012


Ten Frames on the iPad
In math we using ipads to work on ten frames as well as subsitising  flash cards.

On the Smartboard we are rolling dice, printing numbers, using ten frames, listening to counting songs, sequencing numbers, building patterns, and much more.

We are also using manipulatives to create, extend and copy patterns.

Building patterns and extending patterns!
Reading patterns!
We love creating our own patterns and taking pictures of them.

Rolling dice and printing numbers

We also like rolling dice and printing numbers using our special markers.

Ipads are here!!

We are so excited because iPads are here now! 
Since September we have been sharing one ipad and ipod but now we have five more to share.  We love sharing the ipads. We are excited to learn, share our learning and our creativity by using our new ipads.

Splat the Cat

Last week we read Splat the Cat books.  We love Splat!

We used black paint and chalk pastels to create our own Splats.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Read to Self

We have been working hard the last couple of weeks on learning how to do Daily 5.  We started with Read to Self, then Work on Writing, and then Word Work.  We are working very hard to build up our reading stamina.  It is hard to stay in one place and look at a book the whole time.  We are up to 8 minutes now.  We have learned that there are three ways to read a book:

read the words
read the pictures
retell the story

We have our favourite books to read such as the 3 Pete the Cat books, No David, David Goes to School, Chester, and Splat.

Monday, 17 September 2012


Today Mrs. Sarchet brought in two large sunflowers, one for each class.  The sunflower was as tall as 2 and a half students.
We read the story The Sunflower That Went Flop.  Then we wondered about our class sunflower.  We wondered if the stem was hollow.  So we broke the stem and looked inside.  It was full of white material called pith.  The outside of the stem was rough and the inside was squishy.  Some of the students took parts of the stem home.

Then we cut the leaves off of the stem and measured them.

We were very interested in the roots so we pulled all of the dirt off of the roots and really examined the roots.  The sunflower had so many roots.  Do you know why a sunflower needs roots?  We pulled the roots off and measured them.  We also looked at the roots under the document camera.

Then we looked at the sunflower head and pulled all of the seeds and the yellow petals off of it.  There was spongy white material under the seeds.  Some of us put seeds in ziploc bags to take home and some of us counted the seeds.  We had a great time pulling the sunflower head apart.

Thank you Mrs. Sarchet for bringing in sunflowers for us to examine.  

Pete the Cat

We love Pete the Cat.  We are looking forward to reading his Christmas book when it comes out.  Last week we spent time reading the 3 Pete the Cat stories as well as singing the songs.

We also did two art projects based on Pete.  We loved drawing our own versions of Pete and using real buttons in our pictures.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

First Week Back to School

This has been a busy week of learning new routines, sorting school supplies, learning how to use a planner, learning to be brave and to not be afraid to make mistakes and learning about patterns.  The students have also been learning how to use the SmartBoard.

Yesterday and today we learned about patterns.  We learned the words pattern core and repeat and then we practised creating our core and repeating it.  Here are some samples of our creative patterns.

We also sorted our school supplies and hung up our brand new book bags. Some of us have even put books in our new bags. We are excited to read the books and use our book bags.  Today we learned that there are three ways to read a book. We can read the pictures, read the words, and retell the story.  We read "No David" by David Shannon using the three ways of reading.

Next week we will even have more fun with learning!