Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mailing our Santa Letters

On Wednesday morning we went on a cold, snowy walk to mail our Santa letters. We sang Christmas songs as we walked along the path towards the mailbox. We were so excited to mail our letters. Did you write a letter to Santa? 

Sharing our Learning on Whiteboards

On Thursday, Ms. Leech showed us a video on soil that she found on Discovery Education. While we were watching the video we showed our learning on our whiteboards. Do you use whiteboards? 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Our Gingerbread Man Ran Away

This morning when we arrived at school we found out that Gingerbread Santa, our gingerbread man, had run away and had left a mess in the classroom. He wrote all over our desks and floor. He left brown footprints all over the hallways. He also left clues all around the classroom and school. We couldn't find Gingerbread Santa anywhere. We searched the whole school looking for him. Then we decided to make traps in case he comes back. We also put missing posters up around the school. Have you seen Gingerbread Santa?

He wrote messages to us on our desks.

He painted on the floor.  

We are reading the clues that he left us.

We are comparing the clues that he left us.
Reading clues and trying to figure out where in the school Gingerbread Santa is.
Using a magnifying glass to search for clues.

The clues led us to this message.  We hunted through the school but all we found was this message.  

Looking in every classroom for Gingerbread Santa.  Look at the floor. He left his footprints everywhere.

Making our traps to catch Gingerbread Santa if he comes back.

We also made missing posters.

Making a trap.

Look at this trap.  First he made a blue print and then he created the trap.

Lego house might work.

Our trap is completed.  Hopefully, we will catch Gingerbread Santa.

Creating a paper house trap.  

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Deck the Halls

Today we had our annual tradition of decorating the classroom for Christmas. We made ourselves into elves. Thanks to the parents for delivering yummy hotchocolate and for helping us make our elves.