Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Using TodaysMeet to share facts about worms

This afternoon we used the web tool TodaysMeet to share what we know about worms. We love writing on the iPads and seeing our work on the SmartBoard. After we had written down all of our ideas, as well as read our classmates ideas, some of us wrote about worms on our student blogs.

Typing facts about worms.


  1. You did a great job on your blog. We did not know that worms have five hearts. We are wondering how they can grow their tail back. Why do they like dirt?

  2. We did not know that worms are nocturnal and have five hearts. We know some other animals that are nocturnal like raccoons, owls, skunks, and bats. This year we dissected owl pellets. Basically, owl pellets are a ball of stuff regurgitated by an owl. Inside the pellets we found various bones of a rodent, hair and feathers. Some of us think you are brave to touch the worms.