Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Numeracy Centres

We have been working on building up our numeracy skills.  This week we have been doing different numeracy activities.

Race to the top using dice.

Writing and solving equations on the SMARTboard.

Practising the 100 chart.

Building a tower using 31 yellow cubes.  He figured out that the tower will be high so he has built a side to balance the tower.  

We love to print numbers.  

We love the Bursting Bubbles game.

Sequencing numbers on the SMARTboard.

Making Bread

Yesterday we used a bread maker and made bread.  Ms. Leech borrowed the bread maker from Mrs. Sarchet as well as the recipe and we measured out the needed ingredients.  Ms.  Leech had never made bread before and she wasn't sure that it was going to turn out but it did.  The classroom smelled wonderful all day and we could hardly wait to try the bread.  Ms.  Leech says that we will make it again because it was so much fun.  Next time we will try a different bread recipe.

Measuring the water.

Adding 2 teaspoons of water.

Measuring and adding the butter.

Measuring the salt.  First we observed the differences between salt and sugar.

Adding the flour.

Adding the sugar.

Adding the yeast.

We kept checking the bread to see what was happening to it inside the bread maker.
It smelled so good.
Our bread is finally finished baking.

The bread was delicious.

We love the bread!

Friday, 16 November 2012

What we want to learn

Today I asked the students to write about what they want to learn this year.  They had a great time writing down their interests.  Here are some of their ideas:
I want to learn about bats.  I want to learn about making science experiments.  

I want to learn about teeth (how to take care of teeth, how teeth grow ).  I want to learn about sunsets (how they go down)

I want to learn about pie.  I want to learn about how lego is made.

I want to learn about animals, know more math, and learn about plants and flowers.

Family Reading

Every Tuesday and Thursday parents and other family members are invited into the classroom to read with their child or a group of children.  It is a great opportunity to see the classroom and to listen to reading and to read.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What do we know about spiders?

We have been learning about Spiders. Tell us what you know about spiders.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Peace Wallwisher

We learned about making a wallwisher from Mrs. Wideen, one of our primary blogging buddies. For our Global Read Aloud, Mrs. Wideen created a wallwisher about what we liked about Charlotte's Web. We loved writing on the Charlotte's Web wall so we made our own wall about peace for Remembrance Day. We read the Peace Book by Todd Parr and then brainstormed ideas about what peace means to us. Then we wrote our ideas down in our writing books and some of us wrote our ideas on the wallwisher.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Pearl, the hamster, came for a visit one morning and the students had a great time watching her move around in her cage.  They were so excited to see Pearl.  One of the students videotaped the other students observing Pearl and then Ms. Leech made an imovie with the video clips.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


For Halloween this year the primary classes participated all morning in fun stations.  They made witch feet, fruit salad, played bingo, made pictures on the iPads, listened to stories and made bookmarks.  Then in the afternoon, we had a costume parade and danced to the Monster Mash.  We had a great day.  Some of us wore our costumes all day and some changed into their costumes at lunch. By the afternoon everyone in the school was wearing a costume.  It was a great day!