Thursday, 2 April 2015

Float and Sink

It started with a provocation on how to make sound with different sized vases and water. My plan was to have the students try to make sounds using the water and the vases but a pencil dropped into one of the vases and a new inquiry started. A learner kept trying to push down the pencil and it kept springing back up to the surface. The learners on the table all wondered why the pencil kept floating and didn't sink. Some thought it was because the pencil was too heavy and that heavy things float. Others thought that light things float. The theories started coming. One theory was that objects that are hollow float. Another theory was that solid objects sink and objects with air float. Then the investigating began. Right now we are at the investigation stage trying to prove or disprove our theories. 

Balance Exploration Centres

We are really interested in balance and have been exploring balance. We have been wondering about balance and have created our own balance theories.

Egg Colouring

On Wednesday we coloured eggs. We first coloured them with crayons and then we dipped the eggs in food colouring.  Happy Easter!