Thursday, 21 March 2013

Easter Egg Dying

On Thursday we decorated hard boiled eggs using crayons. Then we dipped the eggs in food colouring. It is always magical watching the eggs change colour. We learned that eggs are fragile and they crack when dropped or hit the desk. We ended up with some egg on the carpet. Oh well. It was worth it to see the excitement and enjoyment that the students had dying the eggs.  After Spring Break, we will do wonder experiments with eggs so there may be more egg mess to clean up.  What do you wonder about eggs?

Using crayon to decorate my egg!

Will pencil crayon work to colour the egg?

Using plastic eggs to protect the eggs while I wait to colour them.

Dipping the eggs into food colouring.  Some of us kept dying our eggs to see what colours they would change to.  We used white eggs and some brown eggs.  

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