Sunday, 18 January 2015

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Winter Exploration Centres

We were hoping for snow in January but that hasn't happened yet so we created our own winter explorations. We figured out how to get treasures out of ice, how to build a snowman, how to measure a snowman and how to make a pine cone creature. We also explored tulip bulbs and built towers on the light table.  Next we are going to explore the world of sharks.
Using a plastic spoon to break the ice.  

Plastic spoon didn't work but pencil and wood worked well to chisel away at the ice.

Measuring snowmen with glass stones and comparing the snowmen sizes.

Learner is trying to figure out what the object is.  She thinks that  it is an onion because it had outer skin like an onion.

Building a snowman using modelling clay.  We are creating an art museum.

Learner is using tweezers to break apart the object.  She thinks that it might be an onion as she peels away the layers.

Building on the light table.  Learners notice that the magnetic tiles light up on the light table.
Examining the tulip bulb with the Zoomy.

Learner is using wood to break the ice and find the hidden treasures.