Class Blog Etiquette

Class Blog Etiquette


Thank you for visiting our blog.  We are excited to  have visitors, especially ones that leave us comments but it's really important for our safety and yours that you follow these simple rules when commenting on our blog.

1. Please do not use last names that will refer back to students in the class on this blog.  Feel free to post as "Michael's Mom" or "Sam's Grandpa".  This blog will only contain the first names of the children in the class, and in some occasions only student initials.

2. Please do not post any personal contact information  such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or home addresses.

3. Please use only positive language.  We are just learning to write and may make some errors both with spelling and punctuation.

4. All blog posts and comments have to be approved by administrator of the site before they are included on the blog.

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