Friday, 26 April 2013

The Dot

Today we read the book The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.  We really enjoyed the story.  Then we made our own dot pictures.  We used the iPads to create the pictures.  Some of us used the app Scribble Press and some of us used the app Draw and Tell.  When we were finished we had to upload our work onto our individual blogs.   Have you read The Dot?

Flat Stanley

This year we have met many other primary classes through our Primary Blog Community.  One of these classes asked us if we could host Flat Stanley for a few weeks.  We were so excited when Flat Stanley arrived in the mail.

We took Stanley around our school and then some of us volunteered to take Stanley home for a few days.
Stanley helping to practise the spelling words.
 Flat Stanley reading the writing criteria and writing continuum.

We wrote about our adventures with Stanley on his blog.

We also read the book Flat Stanley and wrote about Stanley using the web tool TodaysMeet.  

Todays Meet on the SMARTBoard.
QR code that we scanned so that we could find TodaysMeet easily.
We used the scanned the QR code and it took us right to our room to discuss Flat Stanley.

Then we drew our own versions of Flat Stanley and put him on our blogs.  Click here to see our blogs.

We enjoyed having Flat Stanley visit us for a few weeks.  We hope that he makes it home safely.

Measurement Stations with Mrs. Sarchet's Class

We have been learning about standard and non standard measurement. We have compared length, width, area, perimeter, volume and weight of objects.

Using strings and cubes to measure length.

Using tiles to measure area.

Using stamps to measure the area of a piece of paper.

Working together to measure perimeter.

Measuring perimeter.

Comparing the volume of different containers.

Measuring the area of a lid with counters.

Comparing the weights of different objects.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


For the next couple of weeks we have gymnastics in our gym. Mr. Mullen, along with our PAC, organized for a gymnastics teacher to come in and work with our students. We love GYMNASTICS!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Working on our Writing

We have been learning how to assess our own writing. We started with generating writing criteria and creating a writing continuum. We came up with the ideas for our writing criteria. Ms. Leech wrote the criteria on sentence strips and put it on the wall. Then she put the writing continuum on the wall as well. Then Ms. Leech gave us post it notes so that we could put our names on the writing criteria that we wanted to focus on. Before we write, we always look at the writing criteria and decide what we are going to focus on. After we write we look at our writing and see if we met our goals and how we can improve our own writing. We are becoming better writers. We love writing because Ms. Leech lets us choose where we write, what tools we use to write with (paper, pencils, notebooks, iPads, or laptops), and what we write about. What do you like to use when you write? Do you assess your own writing?
Using the writing continuum to decide where he is at and what he needs to do to improve his writing.

Writing a story about a flashlight.

Reading student blogs and making comments.

Writing on his blog.