Thursday, 28 February 2013

QR Codes

Last week some grade sixes came to our class with a poster that had a QR code on it. Ms. Leech showed us how to scan the QR code and it took us to a grade six student's blog. We then noticed that there were more posters in the hallways with QR codes on them. We used our iPads to scan the posters and go to the websites. We were so excited that we asked Ms. Leech how to make QR codes. Yesterday, three grade sixes came to our classroom to teach us about QR codes. We listened to them explain how to make the codes and then we made our own codes. We put our posters up in the hall too. Hopefully, other students will scan our QR codes and read our blogs. Ms. Leech told us to always ask our parents before we scan QR codes when we are out and about in the community.

Friday, 22 February 2013

100 Day

Monday was 100 Day at our school.  We celebrated with several classes.  We went to various classrooms to do different 100 day activities.  

We used the ipads and the app Draw and Tell to make 100 Day pictures.  Check out our blogs to see some of our pictures.  

We used 100 fruit loops and made temporary pictures.  We then used the fruit loops to make necklaces. 

We built one hundred piece puzzles.

We wrote about what we would do with $100.

We had cupcakes in the gym and listened to a story read by Mrs. Sarchet.  She used a projector and document camera so that we could all see the pictures.  We also counted how many jumping jacks we could do in 100 seconds.  We had a great day.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine Art

On Valentine's Day we made love monsters.

Measuring his picture.


On Thursday, Ms. Leech decided to give us more choice with our writing. We have always had choice on what we write about but now Ms. Leech is giving us choice on what tools we use to write with. Some of us chose our writing books, some chose paper and some chose iPads. Some of us like using paper and pencil and some of us like using the writing apps on the iPads.

Using Scribble Press and our Lego Hero Factory characters

Heart Search and Valentine's Day

On Wednesday we read a book about hearts and then went on our own heart search. We took iPads and hunted through the school looking for hearts. We found hearts everywhere.

Using Skitch
When we were finished taking the pictures we had the choice to either import the pictures into Skitch or Draw and Tell.  Then we uploaded our work onto our individual blogs.

Using Draw and Tell
We started Valentine's Day with Family Reading.

After Family Reading we mailed our Valentine cards.  

Lunch Box Social

Today we also prepared a special lunch for one friend.  We talked about our likes/dislikes and then made one friend a lunch.  We ate these lunches in the gym.  Thank you to all the parents who came to help set up the gym.

Heading to the gym to eat our special lunches.
After lunch, we opened up our Valentines.  We made sure to say thank you to everyone.  We were so excited to see what cards our friends gave us.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Centres with Division 8

We love to play.  We learn a lot through play! We learn to take turns, listen to each other's ideas, share, and cooperate.  We also learn new things and practise skills that we have already learned.  We often get the opportunity to play with Division 8.  It is fun going between the two class rooms.  

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Drop Everything and Read

Every day after lunch we find a cosy spot in the classroom and read.  Yesterday, we generated criteria about what makes a good reader (Ms. Leech wrote our ideas onto the SMART board)  and we are using that criteria to help us to become better readers.  After we finish reading we look at the criteria and decide what we as an individual will focus on the next time we read books.  We each have our own criteria sheet and we can add to it.  We love reading and we are becoming better readers every day.