Thursday, 10 April 2014

Research Projects

After Spring Break we decided to do our own research projects on anything that we want to learn about.
The task is to participate in a research project on a chosen subject.

The learning intentions are: I can gather information from a variety of sources
                                           I can organize information into categories
                                           I can present information on a chosen research project.

The criteria is: *use more than one source for information (books, Internet, experts)
                      *record the information in your own words
                      *sort your information into 3 or more main ideas
                      *use pictures (draw, print, or cut out)
                      *present information on a poster board
                      *use a clear, brave voice and eye contact

Today the first couple projects came in and were presented to the class. One was about candy and the other was about dart frogs. We enjoyed listening to our friends present their learning. 

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