Thursday, 24 April 2014

Egg Drop

Today we did our Egg Drop. The students all brought egg contraptions to school in the morning. Everyone was so excited to see the different egg containers.  Each student made a careful plan of how to protect the egg so that it wouldn't break when it was dropped from the balcony of the school. In the morning we blogged about our egg creations. You can read our blog posts here.  We also predicted if our eggs would break or not break during the drop. In the afternoon, we headed out in the rain to drop our eggs. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and help. 15 of our eggs made the fall without even a crack. Unfortunately, 5 eggs didn't do so well and cracked apart in their containers. Have you done an Egg Drop before?

Some of our egg containers.

My alien egg had a safe trip.

Wow what a landing!

Marshmallows kept the egg safe.

Checking her egg for cracks.

Look my egg broke in the jello.

Playdough cushioned this egg.

Marshmallows worked well to protect the egg.

The balloons kept the egg safe.

These eggs cracked and are very squishy.

Recording our results on the SmartBoard.

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