Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Full of Beans- A Global Project

Which beans will grow?

We are participating with other classes on a bean project called Full of Beans.  Yesterday we soaked beans in water. We opened a bean and observed what it looked like on the inside and outside. We put beans in wet paper towels and then ziplock bags and taped them to our classroom windows. We also planted beans and peas in a see through planter. Today we planted our own beans. Some of us planted Kentucky Blue and some planted Scarlet Runners. We also chose between soil and cotton balls. Some of us were very interested in trying the cotton balls. Do you think that our bean plants will grow in the cotton? We are excited to see what happens to our bean seeds.
Some chose to plant their seed in cotton balls.

Planting Kentucky Blue beans.
Some chose soil to plant their seed in.

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