Saturday, 24 September 2016


Our math focus this month has been on patterning. Our first step was to use the classroom materials to build patterns. I circulated the room asking questions, listening to explanations, observing my students interact with the materials and their peers and taking pictures of their patterns. The pictures I used as part of the reflection on the learning. Showing the pictures on the Smartboard gives the students opportunities to share their learning and reflect on it.  This discussion is a valuable part of the math class because it leads to questions to further develop our learning. The first discussion after exploring with patterning led to questions which helped guide the next day of patterning. 
Some of the questions were:
What makes a pattern?
How are patterns the same?
How are patterns different? 
Can a pattern grow and repeat at the same time? 
Can a pattern decrease? 
Is a pattern always in a straight line? 
Do numbers have patterns? 

Students were excited to use a variety of classroom materials to investigate these questions. While they investigate and explore I encourage the development of thinking and communication skills by asking questions, listening to explanations, recording, reflecting, and encouraging them to share their ideas with their peers. Learning takes patience and time and is very social. By providing opportunities for collaborative work we deepen their understanding and communication skills. 

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