Monday, 11 January 2016

Story Telling

Last week we listened to the Coast Salish Story Little Bear and Crow a few times. We talked about story telling and the importance of it in the First People's culture. We talked about how the stories were told by the elders, especially during the Winter months and that the stories all have important messages in them. After listening to Little Bear and Crow we decided that the messages were never give up and that it is important to help people and that sometimes you will even get helped back when you need it. After listening to the story several times we decided to use loose parts to help us retell the story. We worked with a partner or a small group to create our scenes for our stories, using a variety of loose parts and puppets. We then used an iPad to record our stories.


  1. Wow such creative story telling everyone - well done! I really like the way you have been building your scenery and props. You are very good at using an ipad.

    I am going to show your blog to my Year 2 class in England as we are entering a film festival competition in July and will be making our on backgrounds and scenery too.

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