Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Living things

Science Big Idea
Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystems.

We started our inquiry into living things by representing living and non living things using loose parts. We then studied garden clippings, observing the changes that occur as the garden clippings decompose. We are focussing on looking closely at the objects using our thinking, communication and observational skills. We are learning that all living things have important roles in their ecosystem as producers, consumers and decomposers. Each role is important to keep a balance.  We are very interested in creating food chains and webs.  We are learning that everything in nature is interconnected. 

A fish is living because it can breathe and move.

A moose is living.

A rainbow isn't living because it can't move or breathe.

Using the senses to investigate  the September garden clippings.

Using the Zoomy to investigate the lemon decomposing.

Noticing the changes in the sunflower after a week of being in the classroom.

The flowers are drooping and the leaves are very dry.

Researching and creating food chains.

Investigating nature and sorting living things into producers, consumers and decomposers.  What role do trees play?

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