Wednesday, 19 February 2014

100 Day

We are 100 years old!
Today we celebrated ONE hundred days of school. We dressed up as 100 year old people. 

We started our morning with Race to 100. 
We are creating our own race to 100 game!

Then wmet on the carpet to start our exploration of 100.
Yesterday we each wondered about 100 and chose our own materials that we would use to explore the number 100. We planned our own learning intentions, materials needed and criteria for our projects. 

Some of us came to school with already prepared 100 day projects, some of us brought materials from home to use for our exploration and some of us used the classroom materials.
I made a necklace of 100 cheerios at home!

A lego creation that has used 100 pieces of lego.

Some of us had individual inquiries and some of us teamed up because we wanted to learn the same thing about 100. 
Check out our blogs to see all of our learning!

How much is 100 drops of water?

What can we build with 100 cups?

How much is 100 marshmallows?

Counting the cups to make sure there are 100.

Sorting marshmallows into groups of 10.

Documenting the learning with an iPad and the app Skitch.

Counting water drops takes lots of concentration.

Using cups to show 100!

Drawing 100 pictures!

Documenting learning on his blog.
Making a train of 100 trucks and cars.

Will 100 bees fit on the screen?

100 stickers

We found out that building with 100 marshmallows is sticky and hard,

Documenting her learning on an iPad.

In the afternoon, we read 100 Day Worries and then went to the gym to try some 100 activities, such as timed jumping jacks, bouncing the basketball 100 times, throwing the ball 100 times, and running for 100 seconds. 

We had a great 100 Day but we are not finished yet. We are still going to write about being 100. We are also going to play Race to 100 with our big buddies. 

How did you celebrate 100 Day?

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