Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rocks are minerals

Today we had a fantastic workshop about rocks. We used our five senses to observe rocks. We scratched, streaked and washed rocks. We sorted rocks using various rules such as size, weight, colour, texture, hard, soft etc...We learned that:

Rocks are minerals
Some rocks are hard
Some rocks are soft
Some rocks float and some sink
Some rocks have holes
Some rocks have layers
Some rocks are conglomerates and some are sandstone
Some rocks came from volcanoes
Some rocks have been used as tools
Some rocks are magnetic
Observing salt.
Salt is a mineral 
Sulphur is a mineral and has an interesting smell

When we were finished exploring with our rocks we used them to create our own inukshuks.

We are so excited to learn even more about rocks.

Using a flashlight to observe rocks.

Wow look at all my rocks.

Observing rocks and sorting them.

Sorting rocks

Streaking rocks to see if they are hard or soft.

Streaking my rock to see if it is soft or hard.

Look at my rock!

Does the rock float?

Look my rock is floating!

Scratching a rock to find out if it is soft or hard.

Smelling sulphur.

Making inukshuks

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  1. Wow! It looks like a fun workshop and it looks like you learned a lot about rocks.