Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Today Mrs. Sarchet brought three large sunflowers to school. She gave one to our class. When we arrived into the classroom it was lying on pink paper of the floor. We talked about the parts of the plant and labelled them. We examined the sunflower using magnifying glasses and wrote our observations on the paper. We saw tiny little hairs on the stem. We felt the leaves and found out that they were really rough.  We found insects on our sunflower. We also found the sunflower seeds and some of us decided to plant seeds. We wonder if the seeds will grow in water or if the seeds need soil to grow. Some of us brought seeds home.  We spent the day observing, recording and measuring our sunflower. We found out that our sunflower was the same size as two and a half students. We used cubes and found out that the sunflower measured 118 cubes. 
Have you ever seen an enormous sunflower up close? Have you ever pulled the seeds out of the giant sunflower head?

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