Friday, 15 February 2013

Heart Search and Valentine's Day

On Wednesday we read a book about hearts and then went on our own heart search. We took iPads and hunted through the school looking for hearts. We found hearts everywhere.

Using Skitch
When we were finished taking the pictures we had the choice to either import the pictures into Skitch or Draw and Tell.  Then we uploaded our work onto our individual blogs.

Using Draw and Tell
We started Valentine's Day with Family Reading.

After Family Reading we mailed our Valentine cards.  

Lunch Box Social

Today we also prepared a special lunch for one friend.  We talked about our likes/dislikes and then made one friend a lunch.  We ate these lunches in the gym.  Thank you to all the parents who came to help set up the gym.

Heading to the gym to eat our special lunches.
After lunch, we opened up our Valentines.  We made sure to say thank you to everyone.  We were so excited to see what cards our friends gave us.

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