Monday, 3 December 2012

Our Gingerbread Santa Ran Away

On Friday, Gingerbread Santa came to our classroom. He listened to Mrs. Sarchet read a story on google hangout.
On Monday morning, we arrived at school to find a mess. There was brown paint on the desks and the floor. He had written words in the brown paint. There were 7 envelopes hidden all around the classroom. We found the envelopes and opened them. There were clues inside. Then we formed groups of 2 or 3 students to search for our friend, Gingerbread Santa. Some of us went to the gym, some to the library, the office, our big buddies, grade 2 and room 203. We searched high and low but we didn't find Gingerbread Santa. Where do you think that he went? We made traps to catch him if he comes back to the classroom. Here is a video of our morning. We hope to find our gingerbread friend soon!


  1. Steven thinks it was a good idea for the traps. We are planning to make a cage to keep them safe if they run away to here. Be extra careful. We will try for everybody to make a trap. From Division 18

  2. Maybe we can make some traps in case he comes here. We are buzzing with excitement right now.
    Mrs. Morrison's Class