Saturday, 29 September 2012

Splat the Cat

Last week we read Splat the Cat books.  We love Splat!

We used black paint and chalk pastels to create our own Splats.


  1. Hello we are the Woodpeckers. We looked at your blog this afternoon but we couldn't reply because the comments box was blocked so Tracey said she would write our comments at home!

    We really like your drawings. We love all the details. They really look like Splat the Cat but who is Splat the Cat? We don't know that story.
    What is your topic?

    1. Splat is black. And he goes to cat school.

  2. He is a black cat with a white belly. Splat is very fuzzy. Splat didn't want to go to school. But then the next day he did because he realized school was fun. Splat brought his pet mouse Seymour to school.

  3. I lice your Ipad. I lice your splat the cat
    from Ethan

  4. Hello you yoos ipads. yro blog is fantastics. Splat the cat is fab.
    love Ruby

  5. Well Splat the cat doues sound funy. What hapns at the end? Wed like to no because I dont no the story. From Oscar

  6. Helo I have Splat the cat its verry funny and splatty because the children splat splat love from Jazminblu

  7. You are lukey bekos you have tablits and we sont orsoa you noaw splat the cat and we doant can you teech me
    From Amelia

  8. Heloe Miss Leechs class. I am so glad that you hav told us about SPlat the Clat I was so intresed. We are learning about harvist

  9. Today Jazmin brought her Splat the Cat book into school and we listened to the story. We loved it! Thanks for sharing about the book with us.